Locker Shelf

Adjustable, Stackable

Available in black, blue and magenta

Our Products

Single Locker Shelf

Adjustable Width and Height
Stackable and Heavy Duty
Holds Up to 40 lbs/shelf

Available in Black, Blue or Magenta

Double Locker Shelf

Includes Two Adjustable Shelves
Height and Width Adjustable
Holds Up to 40 lbs/shelf

Available in Black, Blue or Magenta


Fits 12" wide lockers
Available with one or two drawers
Shelf Height Adjustable

Available in Black, Blue or Magenta

Deluxe Locker Drawers

Fits 12" wide lockers
Drawer Includes Two Removable Dividers
Works with Adjustable Locker Shelf

Available in Black, Blue or Magenta


Extra Strong Magnet
Durable ABS Plastic

Available in Black, Blue, Magenta or White


Strong Magnet & Durable Acrylic Mirror
Elastic Mesh Pocket & Includes 5 Push Pins

Available in Black, Blue or Magenta


We discovered Tools for School in 2018 when my granddaughter started a new high school. We needed a way to organize her school locker and came across the height and width adjustable locker shelf online. It was easy to install and fit into the locker perfectly. Because it worked so well, we bought another locker shelf to stack on top.

Leah B

I love the selection of products that Tools for School offer. The double drawer and magnetic mirror has made the world of difference to my locker at work and I am now able to keep things organized. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Tools for School to anyone wanting to improve the set up of their locker.

Mike V

I ordered the locker shelf and drawer thinking that it may not be that strong, but when I put it together it really is! I like that it has a little drawer at the bottom to put little things that always end up in the back of the locker, or under things where I can't find them.

Wendy N

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