Locker Drawer & Organizer

Increase storage space and stay organized with the Tools for School locker drawer. Fits perfectly into a 12″ wide locker and measures 11.75″ W x 10.25″ L x 3.75″ H. Includes two drawer dividers to help separate stationary and other small items. Multiple units are designed to be stacked one on top of the other. Connect a Tools for School locker shelf by inserting the legs of the shelf into the lid of the drawer to create a full blown locker storage system. Made from durable ABS plastic and designed for long-term use. Mix and match with other locker accessories available from Tools for School, including the Adjustable Locker Shelf, Magnetic Pencil Holder and Magnetic Locker Mirror.

Great for school or home

Locker Drawer Organizer for Locker, Kitchen and Office

For Use In School and Gym Lockers, Your Home or Office

Assembly Instructions

A. Locker Drawer

  1. Insert base of locker drawer into a 12-inch wide locker.
  2. Rest drawer in the center of locker drawer base.
  3. With locker drawer base and drawer inside of locker, place the lid of locker drawer on top and push down firmly on all four corners. 

 B. Locker Drawer with Height Adjustable Shelf

  1. Extend all four legs to the desired height of the locker shelf.
  2. Insert the top portion of four legs into bottom of shelf.
  3. Insert locker shelf into locker and extend width of shelf so that bottom of the legs line up with the connection points on top of locker drawer. Push down firmly to attach.