Adjustable Locker Shelf

Maximize your locker space with the Tools for School locker shelf. Fits into most standard sized lockers with easy adjustment of both width and height. Magnets on the side of the shelf affix to the inside wall of a metal locker, providing additional stability and preventing the shelf from shifting and shaking. This will also help to support up to 40 lbs. of weight, allowing safe storage of books, bags and other heavy items. Two or more locker shelves can be stacked on top of each other, with the legs of the top shelf inserting into the bottom shelf. Available in black, blue and magenta. Mix and match with other locker accessories available from Tools for School, including the Magnetic Pencil Holder, and Magnetic Locker Mirror. This item is patent pending.

Keep it organized

Increase storage space and stay organized with our adjustable locker shelf!


Adjustable width 8″ ~ 12 ½”
Adjustable height 9 ¾” ~ 14″

Stay Organized

Ideal for school, gym and work lockers


Easily stack 2 or more locker shelves to instantly create more shelving storage space

Patent Pending

A unique locker shelf design that is height/width adjustable and stackable

Easy Assembly

Assembles in less than 2 minutes
No tools required


Built to last and holds up to 25 lbs. per shelf

Max Height
Max Width
Shelf Capacity


  • Multi-Purpose – Use the locker shelf for gym, work or school. Assembles in less than 2 minutes
  • Adjustable – Width 8″ to 12 1/2″. Height 9 3/4″ to 14″. Adjust the locker shelf to fit your locker
  • Magnets – Side magnets affix to the inside of a metal locker to hold locker shelf firmly in place
  • Stackable – Stack one on top of the other when purchasing multiple locker shelves
  • Customize – Available in black, blue and magenta. Other matching Tools for School locker accessories available. Patent Pending

Assembly Instructions

  1. Extend all four legs to the desired height of the locker shelf.
  2. Insert the top portion of four legs into the bottom of the shelf.
  3. Attach the footplate to the bottom of the legs that are attached to the sides of the shelf.
  4. With the shelf adjusted to the smallest width, place complete unit into locker. Gently increase the width of the shelf by placing your hands under the shelf and expanding outwards. The magnets will attach to the walls of the locker, keeping the shelf and legs in place.
  5. If adding a second shelf (sold separately), do not install the footplate. Simply insert the four legs of the second shelf into the slots in the top of the lower shelf.
For Use In School and Gym Lockers, Your Home or Office